White Sage Smudging Stick


Our White Sage smudging sticks are gathered and made by Native Americans in the state of California. 

Known for their powerful ability to remove and deflect negative energies, sage sticks have traditionally been used to cleanse and protect your space as well as your crystals and spiritual areas.  They can be used before meditating or whilst setting your intentions.

How to Use:

Light one end of the sage stick with a match. 

Once alight, extinguish the flame and allow the stick to smoulder.  You may like to hold a container such as a shell or smudge bowl underneath to catch any ash.

Waft the smoke around you and your surroundings.

Set your intentions or state your affirmation

After a few minutes, carefully extinguish the stick. 

Please take care when handling a lit sage stick and keep away from flammable materials.

100% naturally sourced materials. 

Sticks are 10cm long.