Sleep Amethyst Pillow Mist and Silky Sleep Mask Duo


A perfect for someone you love or even for yourself.  Our best-selling Amethyst crystal infused Pillow Mist complete with an Arora vegan-friendly silky soft sleep mask in choice of Soft Grey or Dusky Pink.

There is nothing more important than a good night’s sleep and nothing worse than a poor one.  Prepare yourself to relax and enjoy a tranquil night’s rest with Arora’s So…to Sleep Amethyst crystal-infused Room & Pillow Mist

Amethyst is a powerful balancing and protective crystal that aids restful sleep.  The glow of its gentle purple reflections helps bring a sense of calm and acts as a natural tranquiliser, soothing away stresses and worries.

Deeply relaxing, Lavender has a calming fragrance that helps reduce stress levels and anxiety, thereby promoting restful sleep.

Bergamot has a balancing effect on body and mind.  Soothing and cooling, the sweet aroma of bergamot is a perfect mix with lavender for a relaxing blend.

We use only the highest quality essential oils in a natural vegetable-derived alcohol and glycol-free base.

Directions:  Simply spritz a couple of pumps into the air.

Warnings:  Avoid use on plastics and polished surfaces.  Avoid naked flame.  If used on fabric, test a small area first to see if oil stains.  Not for internal use.  Avoid contact with eyes.  Contains small parts.  Keep out of reach of children.

Handmade in England.