Self Love Daily Affirmation Cards Set


This handy set of Self-Love Affirmation Cards is designed to help inspire, support and encourage your personal growth and in your everyday life.

These small, portable cards contain positive affirmations and statements that can help develop a positive mindset.

When used regularly, they act as gentle daily reminders to help you focus on yourself and to find the positive and the good in your own life, in others and in the world around you. Their empowering and uplifting messages can help boost your mindset and overall wellbeing, helping you to think more optimistically.

This set contains 12 self-love affirmation cards and a bonus 2 extra positive quotation cards all contained in an Arora signature soft cotton pouch. There is also the option to add in another 12 cards as well as a Rose Quartz Worry Thumb Stone to help encourage focus.

All in all, this set makes a wonderful little gift to help boost daily self-confidence and wellbeing.

Cards measure 85 x 55mm (credit card size approximately) and are printed on high-quality 400gsm laminated card.

Additional set of 12 cards available as an optional extra

Add a Rose Quartz Crystal Worry/Thumb stone as an optional extra too.