Rose Quartz Crystal Fairy Lights

Create a cosy, loving space with our gorgeous new natural crystal fairy lights.

Use to decorate your dressing table, desk, headboard or anywhere around your home or workspace that could benefit from their warm crystal glow !

Rose Quartz is known as the crystal of love, self-love, romance, friendship and compassion, so their soft pink light will help you feel loved and cherished, enhancing feelings of peace.

Choice of three settings: ON Constant, ON Quick Flashing, ON Slow Flashing. Absolutely stunning !

This string is 2 metres long, so they go a long way and there are 20 crystals on the string. Long-lasting batteries with a spare set of batteries too ! 

20 x natural raw rose quartz crystals
Crystal size: approx 1.5cm each
Length of string is 2 metres
2 x Battery CR2032 included plus 2 spare.

NOTE: Keep batteries and string lights away from children