Rose Quartz Affirmation Gua Sha for Love

$13.00 $17.00
Beautiful rose quartz crystal gua sha facial massage tool complete with loving affirmation 'You are Loved' engraved in silver. Genuine high quality heart=shaped gua sha, size is 80mm long by 50mm high.

The perfect gift to lift your spirits and make you feel loved and cherished every time you use it.

Comes complete with Rose Quartz crystal meanings card in an Arora soft cotton pouch.

Used in Chinese medicine for thousands of years, Gua Shas - pronounced Gwahshah – are a massage tool renowned for their skin firming and brightening benefits.

When used as part of your facial routine, these heart-shaped crystal tools help relax your facial muscles and stimulate micro-circulation thereby aiding with lymphatic drainage. Skin can feel lifted and firmer and absorption of skincare oils or creams is increased.

Made from high-quality Rose Quartz, a crystal which is believed to bring peace and to release negative thoughts, the therapeutic action of stroking and massaging the skin brings harmony and relaxation.

For an extra-cooling effect, the Gua Sha can be stored in the fridge for a few hours prior to use.