Mindful Moments Twenty Minute Meditation Candles


Connect with the universe and attract divine messages with this set of 3 manifestation or meditation candles.

Presented in a beautifully designed matchbox-style box, these pink spell candles are for setting intentions, focusing positive energy and enhancing manifestation rituals.

Box contains 3 candles each 9cm long with a burn time of 20minutes.  A small silver holder is also included.

How to use:

Place candle in holder and light it.

Focus on your intention.

Say it out loud and repeat it.

Stay with your candle until it burns out or you feel your intention manifest.


Never leave a burning candle unattended

Keep out of the reach of children or pets

Place the candle out of any draughts and aways from flammable furnishings.

Only uses with match box closed.

Allow to cool before touching.  Do not attempt to move or touch candle when lit.

Extinguish candle with a candle snuffer, do not blow them out.

If the flame becomes enlarged, do not continue burning.