7 Chakra Worry Stone Thumb Stone For Healing and Balancing

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This Chakra Worry Thumb Stone helps dissolve blockages in the chakras thereby easing stress and anxiety in the mind and body.   It blends together the energy of the 7 most powerful chakra healing crystals all-in-one helping ensure that all your chakras stay balanced and aligned, helping you face the day with strength and confidence. 

Crystal Worry stones are great for holding in the palm of your hand and to use to relax and reduce feelings of anxiety.  They are also an ideal focus to use while meditating. 

It’s also thought that when rubbing worry stones, the smooth surface puts pressure on the nerve-endings in the thumb which may help release endorphins and so increase feelings of happiness.

The 7 crystals in this Chakra stone are:

Amethyst for the crown chakra which is the centre of our knowledge, truth and consciousness.

Sodalite for the third eye where our intuition and innate wisdom is centred.

Lapis Lazuli for the throat chakra which helps us find our voice and to communicate with the world.

Green Aventurine for the heart chakra where our capacity for love and to be loved is focused.  

Yellow Jade for the solar plexus in the centre of our stomach where we hold our sense of self-worth and self-confidence.  

Tiger's Eye for the sacral chakra which is the home of all our creativity and energy and passion. 

Red Jasper for the root chakra which keeps our feet firmly on the ground and in touch with reality.

Each Worry Stone is approximately 35mm wide  x 45mm high x 7mm deep.  Each one has a beautifully carved indent for holding. They come presented in our luxury Arora soft cotton drawstring pouch.

Each crystal is a unique, individual piece and colourings may differ from the picture shown.