During the long lockdowns of 2020, and like most people, we were both feeling anxious, stressed and insecure.  We felt uncertain about job security, our health and that of our family and friends.  We were bewildered by this strange new world we had all found ourselves in.  We weren’t sleeping well and that tiredness and anxiety led us to explore ways in which we could improve our mental health and wellbeing and bring about some peace and relief.

We found that spritzing our bedrooms with lavender essential oil, helped calm us and improve our sleep.   So, we began to explore all the mood-boosting effects of aromatherapy and essential oils (and, at the same time, refreshed our existing knowledge with a specialist essential oils course). 

We also discovered the amazing power of crystals.  Although crystals were new to us, we were quickly won over by their beautiful inspiring shapes, colours and properties.  We could feel the positive mood-enhancing impact they had.  How they heat up in your hand.  How you feel better when they are close by.  There is something truly magical about their energy and vibrations.

Inspired, we decided to share our discoveries by creating a holistic wellbeing brand centred around healing crystals – ARORA LONDON.

ARORA is a combination of the words ‘AROMA’ and ‘AURA’, which encapsulates the feel-better benefits we were looking for by combining essential oils and crystals to create positive, safe spaces around us - in our home and at work. 

We also liked the way that ARORA is a very balanced word, centred around the letter ‘O’ and so reads the same forwards as well as backwards !

We wanted to create a more rounded approach to selfcare and wellbeing with products to help us have small mindful moments every day.  Taking simple, small steps can boost our mood and help bring balance and positive mindful moments into all our lives.

We only wanted to use 100% natural soy wax in vegan-friendly scented candles, so they don’t just smell wonderful but also give us a positive psychological boost every time we smell their divine fragrances.   We only use ethically sourced top-grade crystals.

We believe in high-quality and so all our products have been beautifully designed with great attention to detail.  Our aim is to bring you stylish products in a clean, straightforward and friendly way that everyone can use, each day, every day.

We aim to help you live well, and to live your best life.

We hope you enjoy, 

Sam & Fiona x