Healing Power of Crystals

If you are new to crystals and wondering what all the fuss is about, or already a little bit crystal-obsessed, we are very glad you have found your way to our website, Arora London, where we hope we can bring a little bit of crystal wellbeing into your life and your home.

This last lockdown year has proved so challenging for all of us and it has been hard to feel in control and secure most of the time.  Many of us have been having trouble sleeping, focusing and finding motivation.  We have all wanted to feel healthier and find ways to cope with the “new normal” way of life.  

Some of the support tools we looked towards have actually been around for millennia.  Crystals – the name given to minerals, such as quartz - have been cherished and valued for their healing and supportive properties by many different peoples worldwide from Aztecs to modern-day crystal healers. 

Their glittering magic resonates with anyone exploring ways to experience crystals in daily life whether as purely attractive items to display at home or to bring more wellbeing benefits.