Dainty Heart Chakra Bracelet - Rose Quartz, Garnet and Strawberry Quartz Crystal Gemstone Bead Bracelet


This dainty stretch-beaded bracelet is made from a mix of gorgeous Rose Quartz, Garnet and Strawberry Quartz crystal beads. 

This trio of pink and rich-red stones is designed to boost love, passion and romance.  

They help open the heart to love and forgiveness.  They inspire feelings of love and devotion, enabling you to see the happier side of life.

Each bead measures approximately 4mm in diameter.  The circumference of the bracelet is 19cms (7.5 inches). 

These bracelets look great when worn stacked together.

Comes complete with a Crystal Meanings Card and luxury soft cotton Arora drawstring pouch. 

A wonderful gift for yourself or someone you love !