Dalmatian Jasper & Green Goldstone Worry Stone Duo

Crystal Worry stones are easy, portable ways to use your crystals throughout the day. They are great for holding in the palm of your hand and to use to relax and reduce feelings of anxiety and overwhelming emotions. They are also an ideal focus to use while meditating.

It’s also thought that when rubbing worry stones, the smooth surface puts pressure on the nerve-endings in the thumb which may help release endorphins and so increase feelings of happiness.

How to use: Gently rub the stone with your thumb while at the same time imagining it absorbing all your worries and anxieties, removing them from your thoughts, grounding and calming you until you are ready to focus once again on the present.

Our Worry Stone duos give you a choice of two stones to use or they can be used one in each hand, if preferred.

Green Goldstone

Goldstone is said to have the effect of boosting our life-force and feelings of vitality and positive thinking.

Flecked with sparkling copper threads, it is thought to be the stone of confidence and ambition, encouraging motivation and having an overall uplifting effect on the emotions.

Dalmation Jasper

Dalmatian Jasper is known for its protective and healing properties that will help you through times of stress. It is said to be helpful in deterring negative thoughts and emotions, as well as in strengthening family ties and friendships, thereby supporting and nurturing you.

This pale cream Jasper stone is so-called because it is spotted with brownish or black of iron oxide, tourmaline or other minerals that resemble the distinctive coat of the Dalmation dog.

Each Worry Stone is approximately 30mm wide x 40mm high x 7mm deep. Each one has a beautifully carved indent for holding. They come presented in our luxury Arora soft cotton drawstring pouch.

Each crystal is a unique, individual piece and colourings may differ from the picture shown.