Clear Quartz and Kambaba Jasper Worry Stone Duo for Calm


Crystal Worry stones are easy, portable ways to use your crystals throughout the day.  They are great for holding in the palm of your hand and to use to relax and reduce feelings of anxiety.  They are also an ideal focus to use while meditating. 

It’s also thought that when rubbing worry stones, the smooth surface puts pressure on the nerve-endings in the thumb which may help release endorphins and so increase feelings of happiness.

Our Worry Stone duos give you a choice of two stones to use or they can be used one in each hand, if preferred.

Clear Quartz

Probably the most important stone to have in your crystal collection.   Clear Quartz is known as the Amplifying Stone as it is a powerful energy transmitter, master healer and helps establish strong and clear connections with whatever you desire.

It is wonderful crystal to use during meditation or when setting your intentions.  It encourages clarity of thought and helps unblock stagnant energy. 

Simply concentrate on your desired energy, feeling or intention while holding your Clear Quartz worry stone. 

It also helps amplify the effects of all other crystals in your collection.

Kambaba Jasper

Kambaba Jasper is known as the stabilising stone.   It is a highly supportive stone that helps you deal with stresses and anxieties by grounding unstable emotions brought on by worries and concerns.  By removing mental and emotional blockages, it helps promote renewed feelings of tranquillity and roots you in peaceful natural energies.

The colours of Kambaba Jasper are beautiful blacks and greens which help you feel deeply relaxed, grounded and at peace.

Each Worry Stone is approximately 30mm wide  x 40mm high x 7mm deep.  Each one has a beautifully carved indent for holding. They come presented in our luxury Arora soft cotton drawstring pouch.

Each crystal is a unique, individual piece and colourings may differ from the picture shown.