Aromatherapy Diffuser Bracelet with Essential Oil options, Amethyst and Silver Lava beads


Diffuser bracelets are a brilliant way to help with anxiety by keeping your relaxing aromatherapy oil close by you all day, helping you de-stress (as well as providing a beautiful piece of jewellery !)

Keeping your uplifting oils within your personal space in this way will help support your mood and help you benefit in a long-term way from their many aromatherapeutic qualities.

Add a few drops of your favourite essential oil (or perfume oil) to the lava beads.  They will absorb the oil beautifully and create an aura of relaxing scent.  

Lovely and dainty, this calming, stress-relief diffuser bracelet is made from a mix of high quality Amethyst crystals and lava stone beads. 

Amethyst is the balancing stone that helps calm the mind and nervous system, alleviating worries and fears.

Lava Stone helps keep us grounded through times of upheaval, bringing strength and courage. 

Add a bottle of one of our Essential Oil blends to use with your bracelet. We have three blends to choose from:
Stress Less - Clary Sage & Rosemary 10ml
Balance - Patchouli & Ginger 10ml
Dream Weaver - Lavender & Chamomile 10ml

Bead size is 6mm, and the bracelet is 17cm circumference and threaded on strong elastic, so one size fits all.

Comes complete with Crystal Meanings Card and an Arora London soft cotton pouch.

Note: please don't add oil to the Rose Gold/Silver coloured lava beads as this could tarnish them.